Coronation Street‘s Jennie McAlpine reveals that Fiz calls the whole thing off when Ches makes her choose!

Is Fiz excited planning her wedding?
“Excitement is not on the agenda. This is not how she imagined her wedding. It’s in the prison chapel, she’ll be out of there in an hour and nobody else is going to be there apart from John, the registrar and random witnesses.”

What about Chesney? Fiz wants him there, right?
“Of course Fiz does. The problem is Ches is totally against John and the wedding. It doesn’t help that Kirk tells him the wedding date before Fiz has a chance to. They have a huge row and he makes it clear he won’t be at the wedding.”

But Fiz doesn’t tell John. Why not?
“She just can’t bring herself to.”

Is there no chance Ches will change his mind?
“It doesn’t seem so when she tries to talk to him. He tells her that John is like Cilla’s dodgy fellas and he fears he’ll be left to fend for himself. That really hurts Fiz. It’s the worst insult he could throw at her.”

But she still wants him there…
“She’s really down as she gets ready on her big day. It’s not just Ches, Hayley won’t go without him and Roy only changes his mind at the last minute. He knows most of the Street are against Fiz and says he won’t let her down…”

How does John react when Fiz turns up alone?
“He’s upset she didn’t tell him the truth but touched as he realises just how much she loves him.”

What happens that leaves Fiz in floods of tears outside the prison?
“At the last minute she can’t go through with it. The registrar is waiting for them when she suddenly tells John she can’t marry him without Ches’s approval. John’s devastated.”

Poor Fiz. She must be heartbroken…
“She is… she’s sitting on the pavement in her wedding dress, clutching the wedding rings and crying her eyes out when suddenly she sees Ches and Hayley running towards her. Ches apologises for missing the wedding but Fiz says she couldn’t go ahead without him and they hug.”

Aah. So will she marry John now?
“It’s what she really wants. And I think she’s right to follow her dreams…”

Will Fiz and John have a happy future?
“Not in that street… no!”

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