Gail’s murder confession!

Coronation Street‘s Helen Worth says trusting Tracy could mean a ‘guilty’ verdict for Gail!

When does Gail realise Tracy is not the friendly cellmate she’s pretending to be?

“Too late! Gail’s not coping well at all with being inside and was actually pleased to see a friendly face. She’s horrified when she finds out Tracy’s stitched her up.”

Doesn’t Gail wonder why Tracy wants to know so much about her and Joe?

“Not at all. Tracy’s inside for murdering the man she loved and Gail’s about to go on trial for the same thing so she thinks Tracy’s just interested.”

Gail’s trial has been brought forward to 31 May. How does she feel?

“Before Tracy does her worst, Gail’s pleased. She wants to stand up in court and convince people she didn’t kill Joe.”

Tracy suggests Gail will get a more lenient sentence if she pleads guilty… Doesn’t Gail find that odd?

“She’s shocked – the idea of pleading guilty to something she didn’t do is not an option. She states Tracy’s a murderer but she’s not. That’s when she seals her fate. Tracy’s seething and carries through her plan…”

But how? Gail is innocent.

“Tracy tells the prison authorities that Gail has confessed. Next thing Gail’s solicitor says there’s new evidence – Tracy has used her anecdote about hiding a rolling pin from Joe at their holiday cottage – so he couldn’t make his dreadful favourite pie – as evidence it was the murder weapon that she used to kill him.”

Does she believe she can still prove she’s innocent?

“The police find the supposed murder weapon and suddenly there’s more than circumstantial evidence. Gail can see her freedom disappearing.”

David can too and plans to bribe a false witness to swear his mum was nowhere near Joe the night he died. Does Gail know this?

“No and she’d be furious if she did. David’s been there for her when she most needs him and she’s proud of him – but now he could make things even worse…”

How does Gail feel about Tracy doing something so terrible to her?

“Devastated. She trusted Tracy and now it may cost her her freedom.”

How scared is Gail that she might spend the rest of her life in prison for a murder she didn’t commit?

“She’s terrified – and it’s suddenly looking more and more likely she’ll be going to prison for a very long time…”