Gary takes desperate measures to pay off his debts, reveals Corrie’s Mikey North

Gary Windass lies to Sarah Platt when he decides to take on a dangerous new security job in the Ukraine, Corrie star Mikey North explains

Gary Windass longs to provide for Sarah Platt and their his ‘n’ hers family, but this is proving far from easy in Coronation Street.

“He’s been offered a well-paid but highly dangerous security job in the Ukraine, but gets work at a local building site instead,” Mikey North told Soaplife. “But he falls off a roof while working, isn’t insured and owes £10,000 for the damage he causes! So then he feels compelled to take up the offer in Ukraine.”

But that’s not what he tells Sarah…

Why can’t he be honest with Sarah?
“He wants to protect Sarah [Tina O’Brien], but he also knows that if she knew the truth about this job in the Ukraine, she wouldn’t let him go. He makes out he’s going to work with his dad in Germany instead.”

The job does sound like trouble, especially as he has to make a will before he leaves…
“It’s very worrying but Gary is desperate to pay off the £10,000. Gary’s a bit of a magnet for these kind of situations. He runs into bad luck, but some of that is down to his naivety. What’s nice about this situation is that I feel like I’m tapping into the old Gary. There’s a part of him that wants to prove himself as a former soldier by getting involved in something dangerous.”

Should he, though, after he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
“Absolutely not. It’s the worst possible job for him.”

Can you give us an idea of how bad things might get for him?
“He’s going to come back a bit troubled because things will have happened out there that he won’t feel he can tell anyone about – although the viewers will see what’s going on. Then things will gradually keep getting worse.”

Coronation Street, ITV

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