After playing Coronation Street’s Katy Armstrong, Georgia May Foote’s off to be a model – but also hopes for some very different acting jobs, she tells Soaplife…

Are you sad to be leaving Coronation Street?

“Of course! It’s the people I’ll miss more than anything, such as my ‘family’ – Ian [Puleston-Davies – Owen] and Cherylee [Houston – Izzy]. They really have become like family. I’m also very close to Brooke [Vincent – Sophie] – she’s given me lots of good, straight-to-the-point advice. Katie [McGlynn – Sinead] is a good mate and so is Cath [Tyldesley – Eva]. But it’s not just the cast I’ll miss, it’s the crew and production team, too.”

Were you shocked that Katy was written out of the soap?

“Not shocked exactly, because I’d already decided the time was right for me to go before I met with producer Stuart Blackburn to discuss Katy’s future in the Street. It was a mutual decision for her – and me – to leave, but I just wish I’d got in first!”

What have been your Coronation Street highlights?

“The live episode for the 50th anniversary in 2010 is something I’ll always remember. I’d only just joined the Street and I was terrified! Being a big part of the Christmas storyline in 2011, when Katy gave birth to Joseph during the school nativity play, was another highlight. But I’ve also loved being involved with charities such as Wish Upon A Star. That has only come about because of my role in Corrie.”

Will you still be acting as well as modelling?

“Oh, yes. Acting will always be my first love and my priority. Ideally, the next role I take on will be totally different to Katy. I’d love to play a character in a sci-fi or fantasy production like The Transformer movie. Something action-packed and gritty.”

Where will you live?

“I live in Bolton and I’ll be staying in the north west. It’s home. I was born in Bury – just down the road from Bolton – and it’s where my family still live. I don’t see any reason why I should move away. There’s lots of work for a model and actress in Manchester these days and I’m also very willing to travel to where work is. That’s part of the experience. I’d never turn a job down because it was in a different part of the country or the world, for that matter.” 

Coronation Street, ITV.