Georgia Taylor: ‘It was horrendous watching old Corrie episodes. I didn’t recognise myself!’

Returning Coronation Street actress Georgia Taylor tells Soaplife why she’s so happy to back on the cobbles

Georgia Taylor reveals just how big a decision it was to return to Corrie, but she has been loving playing Toyah again and reuniting with sis Jane Danson…

Are you enjoying being back in Corrie, Georgia?
“It’s just fantastic to be back here. Playing Toyah Battersby again is very exciting, although there’s been a lot for me to take in.”

How long are you back for?
“At least a year, so we’ll see how it goes. I have a base in Manchester, but my home is in Bristol. I don’t plan to relocate, but I’ll play it week by week and see how much I’m loving that M6 drive.”

Were there any times when you were asked to come back and you said ‘No’?
“Never on a full-time basis. I was asked back for a couple of episodes for Les and Cilla’s wedding, so that shows you how long ago it was. I couldn’t do it because I was working on something else and, anyway, I always said if I came back it would be for a real reason and not just as a wedding guest or something.”

Have you watched old episodes to get back into Toyah’s character?
“Yes… and it’s been horrendous! I didn’t recognise myself because I was so young, my voice was different and I looked different. But what was nice was seeing me and Jane Danson as Toyah and Leanne – two sisters who were so rough around the edges. That made me feel all nostalgic.”

How did you tell Jane you were coming back?
“I messaged her and told her they’d asked me to return. She was delighted, but she also understood it was a massive decision to make, so she didn’t try and pressure me.”

Why was it such a big decision?
“I’ve been a jobbing actress for 13 years and, when you’re in a show like Corrie, you’re committed. You can’t just go off doing other things. There isn’t the time. So it was, ‘Am I ready again to get myself in a position where I’m just in one job and just focused on one character?”

Did Jane help you make your mind up?
“I was in contact with Jane the whole time. She was like my counsellor. Jane went away from Corrie a bit and came back again, so I knew she understood how it felt to make the decision to return. Jane has such a balanced view on things and she’s also one of my best friends. She was over the moon when I finally made the decision.”

What’s the viewers’ reaction to Toyah being back?
“It’s so positive. People are very nostalgic about the Battersbys. I was constantly being asked when I was coming back and now I’m here. It’s nice that people have cared enough to ask me that, but now I’ll get a break from that question!”


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