Corrie’s Georgia Taylor: ‘Toyah’s madly in love with Peter, but Toby offers her everything she wants’

Toyah’s heartbroken to learn that her lover Peter doesn’t want to make a baby with her, reveals Georgia Taylor. Now what’s she going to do?

After years of fruitless IVF treatment with husband Toby Chapman, broody Toyah has been hoping that now she’ll be able to start a family with secret lover Peter Barlow, but it seems he doesn’t want any more kids.

“When Peter tells Toyah this she’s devastated because it looks like giving up on her dream of having children, at least it does if she wants to be with the man she loves – it’s a kind of Catch 22 situation and she doesn’t know what to do,” actress Georgia Taylor tells Soaplife.

She’s in even more of a dilemma when Toby turns up and suggests they have another go at getting pregnant…

How does Toyah react to Toby’s appearance?
“She doesn’t know what to do. She’s madly in love with Peter, but Toby’s offering her everything she wants. Toyah no longer loves Toby [Andrew Dowbiggin] in the way she once did, but they’ve been through a lot together and they’ve got all that history.”

Peter finds out about her IVF from someone else. Why hasn’t Toyah mentioned it to him?
“Because until now her relationship with Peter [Chris Gascoyne] has been about excitement, passion, and escaping what she’s seen as the drudgery of real life – arguing with Toby, the stress of IVF and worrying about money. She hasn’t said anything about it to Leanne [Jane Danson], either. I think unfortunately she’s at a point now where it’s gone on so long, she doesn’t know how to say anything. If she knew he knew, she’d be worried in case it made him question being with her.”

Why would she want kids with Peter? He’s hardly a great dad!
“He can be a rubbish dad, but he can also be brilliant. Simon [Alex Bain] clearly loves him and it’s Peter who Toyah would love to father her child. But with Peter there’s always the potential for him to go off the rails. If he started drinking and womanising again, I don’t know if she would stay with him.”

What will happen when Leanne finds out who Toyah’s secret lover really is?
“Well… If Toyah decides to stay with Peter rather than try again with Toby, she’s not going to want to give him up. That would be a massive sacrifice so I hope she and Leanne will be able to work something out.”

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