Coronation Street’s Georgia Taylor: Toyah’s so excited – she’s in the Rovers and thinks she’s finally having a baby!

Toyah Battersby is convinced Peter Barlow is the man for her, as they move in to the Rovers and she looks forward to family life, explains Corrie’s Georgia Taylor

It’s been a tough six months for the love story that is Toyah Battersby and Peter Barlow, but finally things are on the up as they take over the Rovers in Coronation Street.

“Toyah’s really excited – she’s looking forward to the future with Peter,” Georgia Taylor told Soaplife. And the cherry on the cake is that Toyah suspects she is pregnant!

Toyah’s clearly thrilled about the Rovers, but is having a baby still her main focus?
“It’s very much a driving force in her life and at times she can be consumed by it. I do feel for her. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have gone through that many rounds of IVF treatment and to have your hopes constantly dashed, when it’s the thing that you want most in life.”

Does Toyah really believe she’s pregnant?
“Yes – she’s feeling quite positive because she thinks she’s finally having the longed-for baby. She’s got a really good feeling this time.”

Is Peter in the same place as she is on the matter?
“She hopes he is, he’s telling her he is, but only time will tell.”

Why is Peter the man for Toyah?
“He’s fun, charismatic and has that twinkle in his eye. While some people see Peter as a womaniser, Toyah believes he’s turned over a new leaf. She genuinely loves Peter, she admires the way he is when he’s with Simon and she believes they can be a family.”

Back to the Rovers… who’s been your favourite Rovers landlady?
“I’d say Liz because I think Bev [Callard, who plays her] has created such a classic Corrie matriarch and is just so adept at balancing comedy and drama. Also those outfits are insanely brilliant and I adore her relationship with Steve.”

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