‘Gina likes Dev – and the feeling’s mutual,’ says Corrie’s Connie Hyde. But for how long?

Gina Seddon gets herself in another mess and Dev steps in to help her. But he doesn’t know everything, Connie Hyde reveals to Soaplife…

It looks like Gina Seddon has well and truly outstayed her welcome at sister Sally Metcalfe’s house when she brings bailiffs to the door!

What’s the story?

Gina Seddon’s in her sister Sally Metcalfe’s bad books again when two bailiffs pitch up at Sally’s mayoral inauguration party! They’re there because Gina’s taken out a loan in order to finance a business idea she’s had about redesigning old clothes. And she put Sally down as guarantor without asking her, then defaulted on the loan! “As usual Gina’s burying her head in the sand,” Connie Hyde tells Soaplife. “She knew this would happen, but she thought she’d be able to pay Sally back at some.” Sally has a real go at her and Gina’s mortified she’s messed up. But when she pours out her heart to new boyfriend Dev Alahan, he comes up with a suggestion that takes her breath away!

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Connie Hyde reveals all to Soaplife

Soaplife: Gina doesn’t mess up on purpose, does she?

Connie Hyde: “Gina isn’t malicious. She just gets herself in these scrapes. We’ve seen her try to get jobs. She’s not lazy and she didn’t ever think she was going to lose her job at the factory. It’s unfortunate circumstances and she’s just trying to cope.”

S: So Gina confides in Dev. How does he come to her rescue?

CH: “He asks her to move in! He realises she’s made a mistake. Dev doesn’t know about her bipolar disorder and she doesn’t want him to know. Gina doesn’t want it to overshadow their relationship because she likes him – and the feeling’s mutual.”

S: But a report in the Gazette about the drama at Sally’s party reveals Gina’s condition…

CH: “Yes. Gina really doesn’t want anyone to know about the bipolar because in the past people have run a mile when they’ve found out. So it absolutely floors her that her secret is suddenly out.”

S: And Dev?

CH: “She’d expect him to finish with her. She’s ready to walk away because she’s been in situations where her condition has harmed people around her and she doesn’t want that to happen to Dev. She doesn’t expect him to stand by her. You’ll have to wait and see if he does…”

S: Do you think Dev and Gina are a good match for each other?

CH: “They’re brilliant together. He’s very liberal, open-minded and he loves her energy. Gina’s trying her hardest. It’s just that everything’s in technicolor with her.”

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