Graeme gets the girl!

Coronation Street‘s Craig Gazey is up for a long romance for Graeme and Tina… and so are we!

Tina made the first move and kissed Graeme… Would he ever have done it?

“Probably not. He didn’t see the kiss coming at all. He had developed a really close friendship with Tina but didn’t think she’d be interested in him. Ever.”

But he’s glad she is?

“Oh yes, although as soon as they get together he tries to dump her because he accidentally tells her he loves her on the phone. He’s mortified and thinks she’ll dump him – but she doesn’t. He needs to overcome his self-doubt.”

And that will never happen if David has his way… Does Graeme not realise he’s trying to ruin the relationship?

“He has no idea David’s secretly trying to get Jason onside to split them up. Graeme starts to worry when David implies that Graeme’s too much of a loser for Tina to stay interested and implies it’s not over between Jason and Tina.”

Does he tell Tina about David’s hints?

“He thinks it’s likely Tina will go off with somebody like Jason eventually but she tells him she doesn’t want a man like that.”

Ahhh… Could this be love for them?

“Graeme certainly loves her and I think she loves him. They have moments where they realise they feel deeply for one another.”

Is this first love for Graeme?

“Well, he lost his virginity to his best mate’s mother and hasn’t had a girlfriend since Year Five… so yes!”

And we hear he’s a bit of a romantic…

“He’s very caring and enjoys surprising Tina. He arranges a picnic by the canal… but he takes her on his cleaning cart so the ‘Graemeness’ of Graeme is still there.”

Do they make out on the picnic rug?

“No, they lie there and look up at the stars.”

Could Tina and Graeme be Corrie’s version of Enders’ Bradley and Stacey?

“I don’t know what they’ve got in store for them. But I hope they keep the relationship going. I think it works really well.”

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