Graeme ‘in tears’ at Coronation Street exit

Graeme Hawley was reportedly moved to tears as he said goodbye to Coronation Street after four years on the soap.

The 37-year-old actor, who played killer teacher John Stape, filmed his final scenes in the soap last week, but despite the Daily Mirror’s reports he fought back tears as he said farewell to the cast and crew, Graeme was soon joking about what he will do next at his and co-star Craig Gazey’s leaving party.

Graeme tweeted Craig: “Don’t worry mate! I’ve got us a gig starting nxt week! I’m working with the Brickie yr with the Electrician!! Done deal”.

Craig tweeted: “Had a great leaving do. Brilliant turnout! Received nice pressies, got very tipsy & said my goodbyes to lots of very nice people!”

John Stape’s assorted crimes over the past four years have included kidnapping Rosie Webster; assuming old mate Colin Fishwick’s identity and burying his body in Underworld’s foundations; almost beating an obsessed Charlotte Hoyle to death with a hammer; and smothering Colin’s mother, Joy.

Chesney Battersby-Brown (Sam Aston) gets wise to his crimes in an upcoming storyline, but it remains to be seen whether John will bump off his wife’s brother and Charlotte’s parents after kidnapping them.

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