Coronation Street’s Kirk Sutherland is heartbroken to be ditched by Fiz Brown – but wait till he finds out who he’s been dumped for, warns Andrew Whyment

Is Kirk still devastated that Fiz turned down his marriage proposal?
“Totally. He just didn’t see it coming. He thought he’d be with Fiz forever and took it for granted that they’d settle down and have kids one day. When he proposed he really did mean it – he’d marry her tomorrow if he could.”

In fact, Fiz is in love with someone else. Does Kirk suspect at all?
“No, not at all. He thinks she dumped him because things weren’t right between them what with them losing the kennels and all. He’s seen her with John and he didn’t notice anything suspicious.”

Does Kirk hope they’ll get back together?
“Yes absolutely! They’ve split up before remember so Kirk thinks it will all be fine like it was last time. When Fiz texts him and asks him to come for a chat he’s sure it will be because she wants to get back with him and he’s really excited.”

Instead she breaks his heart again. What does she say?
“She tells him she’s seeing somebody else and he’s gutted. He’s gone round there with a bottle of Cava and some flowers, expecting to be taken back.”

Does Fiz tell him who the new guy is?
“No, she doesn’t but he’s very jealous so I don’t know what he’ll do when he finds out that it’s Chesney’s teacher.”

Will he try and win Fiz back?
“He’s proposed, he’s gone round with flowers and champagne, what else can he do? Right now it seems her mind is made up.”

Is this the end for Fiz and Kirk then?
“I don’t know. They are going to remain friends so there’s always hope. I really enjoy working with Jennie McAlpine who plays Fiz so I want them to get back together again.”

Who else in Weatherfield could Kirk date?
“Well, nobody really measures up to Fiz do they? She’s one of a kind. I don’t think Kirk will be looking for a new romance anyway – he’s going to be moping around for a while yet.”