It’s been a harrowing year for Fiz and Tyrone, who have faced every parent’s worst nightmare when they learned that Fiz’s little girl, Hope, had been diagnosed with cancer in Coronation Street.

In a bid to give his stepdaughter the best Christmas ever, Tyrone has been getting more and more in debt as his spending has spiralled out of control – something he has been keeping a secret from his new fiancee, Fiz.

Next week, little Hope finally gets the operation she so desperately needs. But, with the pressure building, will Tyrone be able to contine carrying his heavy secret?  


As the week begins, Fiz and Tyrone’s car breaks down, so Roy kindly comes to the rescue and drives the family to the hospital. Consumed with money worries, and fearing for Hope’s life, Tyrone is at breaking point. When he is short-changed by a vending machine, the mechanic loses his cool…


After apologising to a horrified Fiz for his out-of-character outburst in the hospital corridor, the couple are called in to see the consultant about the progress of Hope’s operation. Against all the odds, the operation was a success! 


Back at home later in the week, Tyrone persuades Fiz to stay away from hospital because she has a cold. However, when Ted the elf calls around, complaining that he hasn’t been paid for his role in Tyrone’s winter wonderland, alarm bells start ringing for Fiz… 


As Fiz confronts Tyrone, will the troubled mechanic finally tell Fiz the truth about the £10k of debt he has run up? And will Fiz forgive him when he explains he just wanted to give Hope a magical Christmas?

Find out in Coronation Street from Monday, January 11.