How Coronation Street’s Alison hid her waddle

Coronation Street‘s Alison King claims she has to hide her pregnancy ‘waddle walk’ on the show.

The soap star – who has just filmed her last scenes as Carla Connor before she goes on maternity leave to have her first child – confessed it has been hard hiding her baby bump.

Alison said: “I just wore lots of swishy clothes really and tried to hide it and walk properly instead of waddle, but it’s proving quite difficult!

“I am really looking forward to having a rest now – it’s a bit too big.”

The baby is due in February, when Carla’s leaving scenes will air on the ITV1 show.

Alison and Corrie sound technician boyfriend Adam Huckett haven’t even had time to pick any names.

She revealed: “I am really, really excited, and really, really scared.

“I’ve not planned any names, I’ve not planned anything yet. I’ll wait until I’ve finished work and then I can start.”

Speaking the week before Christmas, Alison said: “I will be looking forward to Christmas once I’ve finished work. I haven’t even got a Christmas tree up at the minute. I’ll have to do it all on Saturday and Sunday.

“Then I’ll be spending Christmas with my feet up – strapped up to the ceiling! And that’s that and not moving.

“Of course I’ll watch Corrie on Christmas day, home from home!”

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