I can’t wait for them to split, says Kym Marsh

Michelle wants her and Steve to be happy, but Coronation Street star Kym Marsh just wants them to be over!

Poor Michelle, the harder she tries the worse Steve becomes… and without a clue why. Does she have any inkling Steve is having an affair with Becky?

“Michelle doesn’t suspect a thing. Obviously she can see something is

up with Steve but she blames herself. She thinks all the traumas she’s been through over her brothers’ deaths and her real son mix-up have made her neglect him. She wants things to get better over Christmas.”

If Michelle were to twig that Steve was playing away would she ever suspect Becky?

“Not in a million years. She sees Becky as a friend and hasn’t noticed the chemistry between them.”

So Michelle has no suspicions that her relationship might really be over?

“No, because every time Steve does something rotten, Michelle over-compensates by being nice and there are moments when he relaxes and enjoys it. He’s giving her mixed messages which makes her think there’s still life in their relationship.”

Until Michelle suggests she and Steve go to Ireland for the New Year…

“He’s very against it and she fears he’s going to dump her. Normally Michelle would kick him into touch, but she’s feeling vulnerable after losing Liam so is clinging on to Steve for dear life.”

But as Michelle clings to Steve, Kym reveals she can’t wait for them to split.

“This can’t go on. I’m actually looking forward to them splitting up. I’m looking forward to a change. And possibly a new romance!”

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