‘If Becky had attacked Tracy, she’d be 6ft under!’

Coronation Street’s Katherine Kelly tells Soaplife Becky won’t lie about Tracy… but Tracy will lie about her!

How does Becky feel now Tracy is back?

“Tracy spells trouble and Becky hates her. She’s her arch enemy and she wants to solve the problem with her fists. But Steve keeps telling her that they’ve got to play the long game. Becky, though, just wants to tear Tracy’s eyes out.”

Tracy reckons Steve is the love of her life and leaves Becky in no doubt about her determination to wreck her marriage. What happens?

“Tracy threatens Becky and says she won’t be Mrs McDonald for much longer as she intends to split them up. Becky takes the threat seriously.”

Seriously enough to try to kill Tracy?

“Tracy wants Steve for herself and she plays mind games with Becky. But Becky won’t be letting Steve go without a fight… she does tell Tracy ‘I’d see you dead first.'”

That threat comes back to haunt her when Steve finds Tracy lying in a pool of blood on New Year’s Eve. When Tracy regains consciousness she blames Becky. So is Becky guilty?

“Becky swears to Steve that she didn’t attack Tracy and he believes her. She says if she were the attacker Tracy would be six feet under and not just in hospital.”

Steve might believe Becky but what about the police?

“They question her about the vicious assault and she’s quite calm as they take her away. She assures the police that Tracy’s lying, but she’s quite open with them over her feelings about Tracy. She tells them, ‘I hate her and you would hate her if you knew her.'”