It’s Peter and Leanne’s wedding day, but there’s only one thing Peter’s vowing reveals Coronation Street actor Chris Gascoyne… Revenge!

How is Peter coping with life?
“Not very well. He’s battling with his own body. The fact that he can’t walk properly is really getting him down. He’s also trying not to drink. It’s tough and he keeps losing his temper.”

How does he feel now he’s confessed to Leanne that he’d been drinking?
“Better. It helped that she understood why too.”

Are they getting on better?
“Yes they are.”

And what does Peter think of Nick?
“He’s grown really close to him. Nick saved Peter’s life in the fire and as far as Peter’s concerned, he’s been a shoulder to cry on. He’s has no idea that Nick has an ulterior motive.”

How would he feel if he knew the truth behind his ‘friendship’?
“He’d want to kill him.”

How does he feel about Nick’s plan to go to Italy?
“He’s sad because his friend is moving away.”

What happens when Peter hears Tracy rowing with the Barlows over Leanne’s affair?
“He knows they are talking about him, because he hears the words ‘Peter has to know the truth’. He asks them what they talking about and they make up some lie about Tracy not being able to attend the blessing. But Peter is suspicious and intends to find out what they were really talking about.”

Why does Peter want a blessing?
“It’s for Leanne because she missed out on her wedding day. He wants to make it up to her and he sees it as a chance to have a new start.”

What happens when he sees Nick storm out of their flat?
“Leanne screws up a ticket to Italy that Nick has bought her, because he wants her to go with him. Peter finds it and puts two and two together.”

Does he confront Leanne?
“No, he tells Tracy about it and asks her to tell him the truth.”

Does she?
“That would be telling. If she does, I think Nick ought to go to Italy fast because Peter has got a very nasty temper!”

How would Peter feel if he knew the truth?
“It would be very very difficult for him. He loves Leanne and it would break his heart. He’s really happy with his life with her at the moment.”

Could he forgive her?
“I think it’s 50/50. Peter fancies Carla, yet he resisted her because he loves Leanne. He’ll be bitterly disappointed that Leanne couldn’t do the same.”

Will he turn to drink again?
“So far, he has only flirted with booze. He’s only been drunk once, but of course he’ll be tempted.”