I’m not like Coronation St’s Janice, says Vicky

Coronation Street star Vicky Entwistle has revealed she is leaving the soap as she is sick of fans thinking she is like Janice Battersby in real life.

The actress announced last month she was quitting the soap after 14 years of playing loud-mouthed Janice.

However she told the News Of The World she was almost relieved to be getting away from the character.

“I’m looking forward to getting away from her and not having fans shouting Janice at me all the time,” Vicky said.

“I’m proud my character is so believable – it proves I’ve done my job – but people think we really are one and the same.

“They see me as a gobby argumentative woman – a loud-mouth,” she added. “I’m not like her at all.

“We both have northern accents and I once worked in a factory to pay off a student loan but that is it.”

Vicky also revealed that it was her partner, Corrie props man Andy Chapman, who encouraged her to make the break in order to further her acting career.

“He was right but it’s a great job and a nice wage,” she said. “Up until very recently I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to that.”

And despite rumours that she had had a rift with new producer Phil Collinson, Vicky said he was “lovely” when she broke the news of her departure.

“He said he’d like me to return one day. But I still don’t know if Janice will die in the tram disaster,” she pointed out.

“After telling him I felt elated, excited. I was moving on.”