Coronation Street‘s Charlie Condou reveals to Soaplife how a night out at a gay bar with Maria leads to a huge row and makes Marcus absolutely sure of one thing: he loves Maria!

How do Marcus and Maria get talked into going to a gay bar for a drink with Beth and Kirk?

“It’s Beth’s idea to win them round so Maria won’t want them to stop living with her. Marcus and Maria don’t want to go, but they can’t get out of it. Being in a gay bar with Maria is quite strange for Marcus, but he tries to be as normal as possible about it.”

Maria’s still not happy, though…

“At first Marcus doesn’t notice just how uncomfortable Maria is. She doesn’t cope too well, particularly because the barman seems to be flirting with Marcus. It’s all a bit too much for Maria and they end up having a row. She storms out and takes Kirk and Beth with her, leaving Marcus alone in the bar.”

And he bumps into Sean…

“Things have thawed a little between them, but it’s still an uncomfortable relationship. They sit and have a drink together, though, and it turns into quite a nice evening. In a weird way it makes Marcus realise how much he does love Maria and how much his life has changed.”

What happens when he goes home to Maria?

“They both apologise at the same time. Marcus tells her he wants to commit to them being a family, then he puts his foot down with Beth and Kirk and tells them it’s time for them to go. If he and Maria are going to do this, then they need to do it properly.”

Could that include them having a baby?

“Marcus would love to, but obviously it’s early days for them and I don’t think Marcus would want to jump into anything. He’s far too sensible for that…”