Is Billy cheating on Sean?

As Sean grows ever more suspicious about the exact nature of Billy and Todd’s friendship, in next week’s Coronation Street, it seems Sean’s suspicions are justified…

Billy and Todd have been getting very close of late. Todd has been there for Billy every time his wayward brother, Lee, has got into trouble. Billy hasn’t even told boyfriend, Sean, about his connection with drug addict Lee, so sharing secrets with someone else and not your partner is bound to end in tears for someone. Could that someone be Sean?

Billy (left) gets a call from Todd (right) to say Lee is unconscious in the ginnel and rushes off to see him, leaving Sean to finish their romantic lunch alone. 

After Todd helps Billy sort Lee out, he gives a distraught Billy a comforting hug.

Billy is grateful for his help.

But when Sean wonders where Billy rushed off to and then spies the two hugging, he is left reeling. Does this spell the end for Billy and Sean? Tune in to Corrie on ITV on Wednesday, 8 June.

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