Is Caitlin moving too fast for Craig in Coronation Street?

It’s been a few months since big softie Craig had his first taste of love, with fellow art student Caitlin (Eve Gordon) in Coronation Street.

The teenagers first met on a camping trip in the summer and, after bonding over a love of art, they shared their first kiss. But since then, the path of true love hasn’t run too smoothly. Caitlin’s protective dad Dougie (Paddy McGuinness) wasn’t best pleased with the union and, last month, Caitlin failed to show on a date with Craig.       

Now, Craig gets a surprise when Caitlin turns up out of the blue to see him! But with Caitlin keen to take their relationship to the next level, will it all prove to be too much, too soon for young Craig?


Once over the initial shock, Craig invites Caitlin back to No 5, keen to spend some time alone with her. Will it be a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder as the young couple seek to rekindle their romance?


Just as Craig and Caitlin look to seal the deal, Faye comes home and puts an abrupt end to their romantic night!


So when will they find the time to be alone? And if they do, how will things progress? Not that far according to THIS preview

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