Steve agreed to provide an alibi for Becky or she’d tell Michelle about their one-night stand. But things get tricky when Michelle plans a party for the day Steve is due to testify in court, as Simon Gregson explains…

Steve’s used to sticky situations in Coronation Street. But can he wriggle out of this one?
“It is so typical isn’t it? Steve’s mistakes always come back to haunt him. He thought he’d got away with sleeping with Becky and now it’s all starting to unravel. He is absolutely terrified that rumours of the affair are going to get back to Michelle.”

So much so that he lied that Becky was with him on the night of her drunken crime spree?
“He agreed to say Becky was with him that fateful night and that one lie has led to loads more.”

Steve’s come close to losing Michelle before… could this finally break them?
“It could because Steve is starting to get confused about his feelings.”

Confused. How?
“The more time he spends with Becky the more he’s starting to like her. He didn’t really know her that well before.”

Meanwhile, there’s the nightmare of Michelle’s parents’ do…
“Steve thought he’d be able to sneak off to court with Michelle none the wiser but she arranges her parents’ bash for the same day. He’s like a rabbit caught in the headlights.”

Incredibly, Becky lets Steve off the hook and tells him not to testify – even though that will almost definitely condemn her to prison…
“Steve’s relieved but then he starts to worry about Becky going to prison and it’s the start of him having stronger feelings for her. He realises that he can’t let her down but it is going to take some very drastic action to get to the court.”

Does this mean Steve is now torn between Becky and Michelle?
“He reaches a point where he has to make that choice but how he goes about it is typical Steve.”

It’s no secret Steve is going to make it to court and afterwards tell Becky she’s the girl he loves. “The scriptwriters have been desperate to get Steve and Becky together,” says an insider.