When Leanne Battersby tries to give up the hooking she’s risking her love for Liam – and her life! Actress Jane Danson reveals all…

Does Leanne nearly tell suspicious new love Liam about what she really does for a living?
“He asks Leanne what’s going on and for one moment she nearly confesses. She says ‘I’m a pro…’ then chickens out and changes it to ‘I’m an ex-property dealer – I’ve been fired!”

That’s a bit lame, isn’t it?
“It’s all she can think of to get out of it and Liam buys her story.”

So, Leanne doesn’t come off the game for love then?
“She does it both to put an end to the lying and because she would really hate to lose Liam. She’s honestly falling for him.”

But Leanne makes the mistake of also falling for a business proposition Carla puts to her which looks set to put her right back on the game!
“She does genuinely mean to give up the prostitution. She tells the agency she’s quit and tells herself that she’s got enough cash put by to be OK. But then Carla invites her to go into partnership with her and buy an Italian restaurant and Leanne sees the pound signs flashing before her eyes again.”

Couldn’t Leanne just turn down Carla’s offer?
“She just can’t help herself. She wants to have this affluent lifestyle and sees the restaurant as the perfect opportunity to have it – and by honest means.”

But Leanne needs capital upfront, so it’s not long before she’s back on the game, is it?
“She tells herself she’s only doing it to get enough money for the restaurant and then she’ll stop.”

Only, when Paul finds out his wife’s going into business with Leanne, he’s horrified and instantly tries to talk Carla out of it.
“He warns Carla off and when she asks why he’s so against the idea he clams up leaving her suspicious.”

It’s because Paul knows Leanne’s secret, isn’t it?
“Leanne really thinks her secret is safe with Paul… after all he’s got as much to lose if Carla finds out he goes with hookers. Leanne’s confident he will never tell on her…”