Is it love or lust for Kevin?

Kevin could stop his affair with Molly but Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell explains why he won’t!

What’s going on with Kevin and Molly? Is he having some kind of midlife crisis?

“Not at all. He wasn’t looking for an affair. He was quite happy with the way things were in his marriage. He’s not had much to do with Molly but he’s got to know her since they started running together and it’s caught him by surprise.”

If he’s happily married why didn’t he try to fight his feelings?

“In a way I think he wishes Molly had slapped him down and told him to get lost. If she had that would have been the end of it. But once she made it clear she was interested in him too… well, that was the point when he stopped thinking with his head.”

Even worse is that she’s his mate’s wife…

“I know and he feels as guilty as hell. Tyrone’s like a son to Kevin and betraying him is the hardest thing he’s ever done.”

So why doesn’t he just put an end to it?

“He can’t. He’s been swept away by lust. Once you’re on that train it’s very hard to get off.”

What is it about Molly that attracts him?

“Her age! But seriously, it’s very flattering for someone of Kevin’s age to be fancied by a woman as young as Molly.”

So far they’ve only kissed… How long before they go further?

“It’s difficult for them to consummate their relationship. Every time they try, something goes wrong. They nearly get caught kissing by Dev in the corner shop, they were caught by the copper in the car and nearly by Sally in the garage.”

They arrange an evening together while Tyrone and Sally are supposed to both be out. Does it go to plan?

“Not when Sally comes home unexpectedly and Kevin has to stand Molly up. Then Tyrone comes home and finds Molly all glammed up and she has to pretend it’s a surprise for him.”

So is Kevin getting a bit desperate?

“Absolutely. He feels as if he’s going to explode. When they do finally have sex I’m sure it will be fast and furious.”

Does Kevin feel as much guilt about cheating on Sally as he does with Tyrone?

“I don’t know. Subconsciously he could be getting her back for her affair with Ian Davenport four years ago. She thought she’d got away with that but maybe she hasn’t…”

How would he feel though if Sally ever decided to leave him?

“He’d be devastated. A lot of people would get hurt if this affair got out – which is highly likely! There’s lots of drama, twists and turns to come and I’m really enjoying it. It’s great being in the middle of a good storyline on one of Britain’s best-loved shows!”

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