Coronation Street‘s Kym Marsh talks to Soaplife about Michelle and Ciaran’s return to Weatherfield’s cobbles – and whether or not it’s for keeps…

Is Michelle happy to be back?
“She’s loving it and she doesn’t want to go back to the cruise ships! Ciaran’s horrified when she tells him, but she does eventually bring him round to her way of thinking. He loves her so he’s prepared to put his plans on hold for her. She ultimately believes that they’re going to be together for ever.”

She must do – she wants his baby! How does he react?
“They’ve obviously talked about it, but she clearly thinks having babies is in their very near future, while maybe he didn’t see it quite so near. Michelle just wants to settle down. She wants somewhere to call home and life on a cruise ship isn’t going to give her that.”

Michelle’s parents send the deposit for a posh wedding venue and she gives it to Ciaran. Should she trust him with it?
“He tells her he’s paid it and she’s got no reason not to believe him. But he gets tied up at work and misses the deadline.”

And then he gambles away the money at poker and lies about it!
“She’d be furious if she knew! If he admitted it I think she’d be less angry. Later she can obviously see there’s something wrong, but she thinks maybe he’s having second thoughts about the wedding and starts looking to him for reassurance.”

If Michelle had to choose, would she stay on the Street alone or go to sea with Ciaran?
“I know she would want to go with Ciaran because she adores him and he does love her, but I think leaving the Street, her job and her friends may be tough…”