Is Jason getting cold feet – again?

Coronation Street’s Jason isn’t too keen on wedding planning as he prepares to marry Sarah for the second time – does that mean he’s not too keen on the wedding itself? Actor Ryan Thomas comes clean…

Is Jason having doubts about marrying Sarah?

“He does want to get married. It’s just that his mum, Eileen, is away in Malta and he wants her to be involved. Also, he’s not into all that girly stuff. He’d rather leave that up to Sarah. He genuinely loves her – he always has. She’s the only girl for him.”

But then why did he leave her at the altar last year?

“He didn’t run out on her last time because he didn’t love her, he just couldn’t cope with the idea of being married. The sense of responsibility freaked him out.”

Could it be that he’s starting to freak out all over again?

“A lot’s happened to Jason since then. He’s changed. He was forced into being a father for a couple of months when baby Holly was dumped on him and it did him good. It made him grow up and start to look at life more seriously.”

We’re still not convinced that he’s matured enough…

“The vicar who”s going to officiate at the wedding seems to think that too when Jason’s late for their first meeting. He gives Jason a bit of a grilling. Basically, he tells him he has to wise-up. Jason knows this already, but even so the conversation freaks Sarah out.”

If Jason doesn’t want a big white wedding why don’t he and Sarah have a quiet one?

“If it was entirely up to him, I think he would. But Sarah’s desperate for a big wedding with all the trimmings and Jason wants to make her happy. He still feels guilty for running out on her.”

Is Jason going to face any opposition to the marriage from his and Sarah’s mothers?

“Both Eileen and Gail were dead against the marriage last time, but I think everyone’s mellowed a bit. Jason’s proved how much Sarah means to him.”

So, he definitely won’t be doing another runner?

“Jason’s not stupid. He won’t run out on Sarah again. There’s probably more chance of Sarah running out on him!”

We knew something didn’t feel right…we’ll take that as a big hint then!

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