Is Maria falling for Tony?

Maria’s stopped hating Tony and now it looks like she’s going to start loving him, reveals Coronation Street‘s Samia Smith.

Why has Maria suddenly stopped blaming Tony for Liam’s death?

“Maria feels sorry for Tony. Carla’s gone and they’ve both lost the love of their lives so she can identify with him. She’s changed her mind about him and feels a bit ashamed about blaming him for Liam’s death.”

But why doesn’t Carla’s disappearance make Maria more suspicious and not less?

“She saw the flat smashed up and when Tony said Carla left after a big row she believed him because she’d seen them arguing in the street. She thinks they split up because Carla confessed to loving Liam.”

Maria’s currently wrestling with Liam’s business Ladrags, which Luke wants to buy… And Tony fights her corner.

“Tom warns Luke not to rip her off but Tom hasn’t got much of a business head so Maria asks Tony’s advice. He’s surprised but he wants to help her because he feels bad about what he’s done. She’s going to be a single mum and it’s his fault.”

Why does Maria think Tony is so keen to help her?

“Maria thinks Tony’s worried about her and the baby and she’s grateful for his advice.”

With her say-so, Tony tells Luke that from now on he will be acting as her business advisor, which stops Luke in his tracks doesn’t it?

“Luke tries to make a deal for Ladrags but Tony advises Maria to keep it. Luke’s angry and Tony’s chuffed he’s taken the wind out of his sails.”

Why is she letting Tony advise her rather than selling the business?

“At one point she wanted to sell Ladrags because it reminded her of Liam… but everything in the Street reminds her of Liam. She’s been through a lot and now she has to think of her baby and their future.”

So how will she feel if and when she finds out Tony did kill Liam?

“Oh my God! My head goes into a spin just thinking about it. She’ll go mental.”

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