Coronation Street‘s Graeme Hawley reveals John’s double life starts coming apart when he comes face to face with the man whose identity he’s stolen…

An irate husband turns up in the Street accusing John of having an affair with his wife. Is it true?
“Yes and no. John hasn’t been cheating but Colin Fishwick, whose identity John is using, has – and the husband thinks John is Colin…”

How does John get out of it?
“Luckily he’s not home, but Ches is and John and Fiz have to tell him everything in order to explain.”

Then there’s another shock when Charlotte tells John that Colin’s on his way home. John’s in a panic…
“He arranges for Charotte to pick Colin up at the airport and take him to The Rovers. Then John meets him there and confesses all.”

How does Colin react?
“He’s shocked and says he’ll have to go away and think about things. But he promises John he won’t go to the police.”

Will John quit his teaching job and his double life now?
“That would obviously be the smartest thing to do. But John doesn’t do it. Instead he simply tells Fiz they’re over the worst.

But then the cheated husband returns… What happens?
“He finds John – who he thinks is Colin and punches him. Fiz sees it and
demands to know if John’s cheating. He tells her it’s a mix-up. Charlotte gets ideas though. She’s loving the excitement and starts blackmailing John for his
body or she goes to the police.

How will it end?
“John has 10 balls up in the air so one or two are bound to drop.”