Is there a doctor in the pub? Meet Corrie’s Oliver

Coronation Street‘s Oliver Mellor reveals to Soaplife how being a heartthrob doctor is bad news for Tommy – and could be trouble for his new girl, Tina…

He’s been smouldering in the background for months, but Dr Matt Carter is finally emerging from the surgery to seduce Tina. He is romance on legs and Tommy’s green with envy, but warning the Doc to back off backfires. “Matt doesn’t take him seriously,” Oliver explains. “And now he’s going to pull out all the stops to woo Tina.” And word is that could mean more heartache for her.

How long has Dr Matt fancied Tina then?

“For quite a while. He clocked her in the pub on the night of the tram crash. She was there with a load of drunk women and I remember she gave him a cheeky smile.”

What does he like about her?

“She’s really attractive and great fun. She’s up for a laugh and as Matt takes his work seriously I don’t think he’s had much opportunity to let his hair down.”

What’s their first date like?

“It’s an impromptu trip into town for drinks after Matt gives her a dozen roses in The Rovers. They get on well and Matt definitely wants to pursue things.”

Tommy’s jealous, though, and tries to warn him off Tina, doesn’t he?

“Tommy makes an appointment with him at the surgery and says ‘I’ve got a pain in the backside – it’s you’. It’s a great line. I laughed out loud when I first read it in the script and Chris Fountain [Tommy] and I had great fun doing that scene. Tommy warns Matt off, but Matt treats him like a child and thinks that if he ignores him he’ll go away.”

We’ve heard that Matt has some skeletons in his closet…

“He’s professional and I think he honestly wants a proper relationship with Tina, but he’s had a bit of a troubled past. I’m hoping that he has a dark side!”