Is this Ciaran’s long kiss goodbye?

Coronation Street‘s Keith Duffy tells Soaplife that Ciaran gets the kiss from Michelle he’s dreamed of – but is it too little too late?

Just when it looks like Ciaran’s going to give up on Michelle and head for Scotland, she finally falls into his arms. And, for Keith Duffy, it’s not a moment too soon. “He’s been chatting her up for nearly a year and she’s been playing so hard to get he’s convinced she’s not interested – until he tells her he’s leaving,” says Keith. But has she left it too late?

Is Ciaran serious about moving to Scotland?

“Well, Michelle’s broken his heart so that’s why he’s decided to move on.”

Michelle was actually pretty gutted when Ciaran told her about the job. Did he realise?

“Not a clue. She didn’t show it.”

Does Ciaran actually love Michelle?

“I think so. He’s come to realise Michelle might be a keeper, the sort of girl he’d consider settling down with. But I don’t think he could admit he loves her first. He couldn’t handle the rejection. He’s got a lot of male pride.”

Would they make a good couple?

“They would, but I think it might also be one of those relationships where they’re pulling the clothes off each other one minute then she’s throwing her high heels at him the next.”

We’ve heard that Ryan goes to Scotland for the night with Ciaran. What’s that about?

“Ryan gets a university place in Glasgow, but he’s afraid to accept it because he doesn’t want to leave his mum on her own. Ciaran takes Ryan up there and tries to talk him into accepting the offer.”

Why would Ciaran want Ryan to move to Scotland?

“So he can have another go at Michelle! No, seriously, he’s a bit of a father figure to Ryan… He’s just encouraging him to grab this opportunity.”

From what we’ve heard he does more than that – he tells Michelle about Ryan’s plans…

“Yes. Ciaran thinks Michelle should know that Ryan’s turning down the Glasgow uni place on her account. She’s actually very supportive and says she’d never want to stop Ryan from doing what he wants to do in life.”

What happens on Ciaran’s last night? Does he stay or go?

“They finally kiss, but whether it’s a first and a last kiss…I’m not saying.”

If Ciaran does stay, are you worried he might die in the tram crash?

“Everybody wonders if they’re going to get killed off. And they’re being more secretive about scripts and storylines than ever before…”