Is Tony falling for Maria?

Tony’s getting closer to Maria reveals Coronation Street star Gray O’Brien. But just how close will they get?

Tony sleeps with Natasha – is he over Carla?

“Tony bonks Natasha for comfort. He has no feelings for her. He just needs someone to talk to and ends up telling her how much he still loves Carla.”

Tony tells Maria that Natasha means nothing to him and Maria’s relieved. They’re developing feelings for each other, aren’t they?

“There is some feeling creeping in and Tony knows it’s dangerous territory.”

What are Tony’s intentions towards Maria?

“His intention is not to bed Maria, as Tom suggests to her. It’s to look after her and secure a better future for her and the baby. There’s definitely an undercurrent between them though.”

Maria warns Natasha off Tony but Natasha takes no notice and is soon back in bed with him. What happens next?

“When Tony finds out Maria warned Natasha off he wonders why. Could it be that she likes him herself? It gets him thinking.”

When Tony’s taken to hospital after helping rescue Peter and Simon from a fire, Maria visits him! So are they going to become lovers?

“It could go that way. If it does it will be very dark because Maria’s carrying Liam’s baby.”

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