‘It all kicks off at Tina’s funeral,’ reveals Coronation Street actress

Tina McIntyre’s mother Ann turned up in Coronation Street on June 11 and accepted Rob’s sympathy – not knowing he killed her daughter.

Lorraine Hodgson, who plays Ann, will be in the long-running soap for three weeks – but is hoping she might get to stay a bit longer.

“Ann comes in to sort out the funeral arrangements and Rita takes her under her wing,” Lorraine told the Blackpool Gazette.

“It all kicks off at the funeral, but I can’t say too much. There is one particular scene to watch out for, but I can’t say any more about it.”

In the aftermath of the murder, with the finger of blame pointing at four main suspects, including Carla, fans will see a flurry of familiar faces returning to Coronation Street.

However, the police continue to focus on Carla as their prime suspect.

Carla does’t help herself by getting drunk and criticising Tina in front of Ann, before worrying that she will be blamed for the murder.

Self-confessed Coronation Street fan Lorraine added: “It was amazing being on set; everybody is so hard-working.

“I was really lucky, I got to shoot really great scenes with all the main characters.

“One of the first scenes I shot was in the Rovers with Rita and Dennis. It was nerve-racking but exciting.”

Viewers already know who killed Tina – Carla’s brother Rob, who was angry at Tina’s affair with his sister’s husband, Peter and worried about Tina’s threat to expose his dodgy business dealings.

Ann doesn’t know that, though.

“Ann doesn’t suspect Rob at all,” Lorraine said. “She knows that things have gone on, but she’s not sure about what.”

Coronation Street, ITV, Monday, June 16, 8.00pm