Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas reveals Jason is left with a broken heart and broken dreams when Tina can’t say she loves him…

Jason’s been trying his hardest to help Tina through the death of her dad yet she seems to be growing more and more distant. Does he think it’s his fault?
“Whatever he tries to do for her it’s not good enough. He’s trying his hardest, trying to be there for her and giving her a cuddle when she needs one. He tells himself she’s grieving and it’s going to take time, but he feels shut out.”

Does he think it might help things when his divorce from Sarah comes through?
“The divorce is what Tina wanted all along and he thinks it will give their relationship a boost. Instead, she gets really angry and asks him how he can possibly think of weddings at a time like this.”

Can he understand her point of view?
“He’s really disappointed and a row breaks out. He asks if she loves him and Tina struggles to answer. Then she suggests maybe she doesn’t… and that’s why she kissed someone else. Jason’s stunned when she reveals it was Nick. He storms over to The Rovers and flies at Nick until Ciaran pulls him off. He tells him that if he ever goes near Tina again he’s dead.”

Is there a chance then that Jason and Tina will make up?
“I don’t think so. She makes it very clear she doesn’t want to be with him. He’s proper cut up. Jason isn’t really one to show his emotions, but there’s a scene where he breaks down on his mum, telling her he’s lost the woman he loves.”

Jason’s been pretty unlucky in love so far. Why do you think that is?
“It’s just the luck of the draw. But then again it wouldn’t be so interesting if his relationships worked.”

It’s Corrie’s big 50 this year. Are you hoping for a big storyline?
“I’m always hoping for a big storyline but I don’t know what’s up next for Jason.”

What would it be like if Sarah came back to the Street?
“It would be really awkward for him…”