It’s all about the money for Paul

Coronation Street’s latest bad boy Paul Clayton needs money – and Jack and Vera should lock-up their valuables warns Tom Hudson!

Why does Paul offer to invest in Leanne’s restaurant?

“He is passionate about his job as a chef but he’s quite enterprising and wants to go a lot further. He wants to put down roots in Weatherfield and earn a good living.”

He needs £15,000. Has he got that much?

“No way. He worked as a chef in a Leeds hotel before he came to Weatherfield and he won’t have been earning much. But lack of funds won’t stop Paul – he’ll get hold of the cash by any means possible.”

Might Jack and Vera loan him the money?

“His grandparents haven’t got that kind of cash lying around.”

How does he know? Does he ask them?

“He clocks where Jack keeps his cash and other valuables and it’s nowhere near enough.”

If it were would he steal it?

“He actually nicks some and uses it to buy champagne and food for Jack and Vera’s 50th anniversary party. But he intends to give it back later so it doesn’t feel wrong.”

Will he go to the bank and ask for a loan?

“He can’t do that. His past work history is a bit dodgy. He lost his last job because he had an affair with the boss’ wife. And anyway, he’s only 21 and no bank manager is going to take him seriously with the sort of experience he has.”

So what will he do?

“Let’s just say that he comes up with a little idea of how his grandparents can help him.”

In other words, it’s not on the straight and narrow?

“Paul isn’t one to follow the rules, no. His idea pushes the boundaries a bit and has the capacity to go horribly wrong. But he thinks he has a charmed life!”

So he’s going to prove to be every bit as bad as his dad Terry then?

“I don’t know if he’s that bad. He wouldn’t want to hurt Jack and Vera the way his dad did when he fleeced them of their savings.”

Does he know how dodgy his dad is?

“He hasn’t addressed that yet but he must have some idea from his mum.”

Does he like working with Leanne?

“Yes, he finds a lot of common ground with her. Like Paul, she’s ambitious and will do anything to come out in profit. They’re very similar in that they have this edgy attitude to life.”

Any chance of romance?

“It’s not on the cards at the moment but who knows?”

Finally, what are the chances of Paul and Leanne running a successful business together?


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