It’s make up your mind time, Liam!

Carla thinks it’s all over and so does Maria… but Liam’s determined to say ‘I do’, says Coronation Street‘s Rob James Collier

Does Carla really get her wicked way with Liam?

“He was genuinely shocked that Carla believed he would call off the wedding and be with her instead. Yes he does have feelings for Carla, but they are based on lust. Yes he was tempted by her, but he knows that if they were to have a relationship it would be a short-term thing. But he thought all the stuff between them was over. The last thing he was expecting was Carla to turn up on his stag night and tell him he was making the biggest mistake of his life. And the last thing he plans to do is dump Maria for her as she expects him to.”

But the doubts have become too much for Maria, haven’t they?

“Liam has no idea that he could be about to be jilted. He’s a bit concerned when Maria’s more than fashionably late, but it’s not until Kirk rushes into the church to tell him Maria won’t get out of the car that he realises something is very wrong.”

What is wrong is, of course, Carla. So how does he persuade her that she is the one?

“By telling her how much he loves her and how much he wants to marry her. And it comes from the heart, it really does. He tells her that if she doesn’t want to marry him because she doesn’t trust him or thinks they’re rushing things then fine. But if she doesn’t want to marry him because she thinks he doesn’t love her – she couldn’t be more wrong.”

And does he convince her?

“Maria sees that he means it and is finally won over. He walks back into the church beaming and as Maria walks down the aisle it’s clear he only has eyes for her.”

So where does that leave Carla?

“No. I think they will always have that sparky love/hate thing going and I’m sure Carla is not going to give up on Liam just because he’s married. But I like to think he’ll resist even though he might feel tempted. Liam really does want things to work with Maria and I think it would be nice if it did. We need a few more happy marriages in Weatherfield.”

Maybe… but happy ever-afters are rarer than gold dust in soap!