It’s over! Coronation Street’s Gary and Izzy accept they’re finished

Coronation Street’s Mikey North tells Soaplife why Gary feels it’s just not working for him and Izzy any more…

Gary and Izzy haven’t been good for a while, but things are about to get a lot worse. “They go out for a drink and realise there’s just no future for them, they’ve drifted apart and no longer enjoy spending time together – it’s awful, but slightly easier because they seem to feel the same,” Mikey tells Soaplife. But will Izzy (Cherylee Houston) be quite so philosophical about the split when she finds out Gary spent the night with Kal’s daughter, Alya (Sair Khan)?

What caused things to fall apart between Gary and Izzy?
“The Phelan thing, I suppose. The problems between Gary and Owen, Anna and Owen’s split, the fact Izzy didn’t tell Gary about Anna sleeping with Phelan, money worries… But trust has been an issue since the Gary and Tina thing before Jake was born.”

And now there’s the Gary and Alya thing…
“Gary and Alya sparked the moment they met. Gary was excited and having fun – for the first time in ages. The drinks flowed, one thing led to another and they spent the night together – although nothing happened.”

Did this make him realise how bad things had got between him and Izzy?
“In some ways. Gary doesn’t want to hurt Izzy, but he can’t remember the last time he had that much fun with her. He and Alya didn’t actually sleep together, but he knows Izzy would be upset to discover he’d spent the night with another woman.”

So he doesn’t want her to know about Alya? 
“No. He doesn’t want to hurt Izzy. He also doesn’t want Alya to think she’s the reason they have split up.”

But that’s exactly what she does think, isn’t it?
“Yes. Alya thinks she’s helping when she tells Izzy nothing happened during their night together. Gary’s pretty gutted, but he knows Alya didn’t do it on purpose. He was kind of hoping it would never be found out, but as it’s Weatherfield, nothing stays secret for long!”

How does Izzy take it?
“She’s shocked. They had agreed to keep things amicable for Jake’s sake and Izzy had told Gary there was no rush about him moving out. Now she tells him he should move out much sooner rather than later. It turns their amicable split slightly sour.”

Could there be a future for Gary and Alya?
“Who knows? He’s only just broken up with Izzy so I’m not sure where his head’s at…”


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