‘It’s the last straw for Anna. She’s not prepared to work things out’ says Corrie’s Ian Puleston-Davies

Coronation Street’s Ian Puleston-Davies tells Soaplife that Owen and Anna have the mother of all rows – and it’s started by new mum Faye and her baby…

Why is Owen so angry?
“He’s furious about Faye [Ellie Leach] having a baby, the circumstances and everyone involved – basically he’s angry with the world. He’s of a generation where it’s more than frowned upon for a 13-year-old to be pregnant. Faye is a child, and it’s horrifying for Owen.”

Why is he convinced that Craig is the father?
“Owen’s looking for a fall guy. He’s seen Faye and Craig together so he puts one and one together and comes up with three. Craig’s the obvious person to blame.”

Does he say anything to Craig?
“Oh, yes. Owen’s still reeling from everything that’s happened and he sees Craig on the street, laughing and joking. Owen just flips, like he does, and races over and threatens Craig.”

And Anna (Debbie Rush) sees this?
“There’s a wonderful shot where she’s getting out of a taxi and she looks over and witnesses the scuffle. She’s horrified. She’s put up with so much from Owen and I think in her eyes it’s the last straw. He’s overstepped the mark and deep down I think Owen knows it.”

What happens?
“Anna reveals that Faye has told her the baby’s father is Jackson, but then the police arrive at the flat. They’ve come to question Owen on suspicion of assaulting Craig.”

What if he’s arrested?
“He’ll be full of remorse, but Owen’s very good at blame evasion. Owen’s biggest emotion will be self-pity – it always is.”

And Anna?
“You’ll see their relationship really start to unravel and the initial row over Craig [Colson Smith] go on and on. Anna and Owen will disagree about how to deal with Faye and the baby and there’ll be argument after argument. By the time they reach the big showdown they’ll both be exhausted.”

We know you’re leaving Corrie, Ian… So, do Anna and Owen split up?
“Owen thinks they could still work it out, but Anna’s not prepared to do that, although I think she still loves him. Maybe once Owen has gone away, he’ll realise he could have done more. His heart will always belong to Anna.”

Coronation Street, ITV.


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