ITV to allow product placement on Coronation St

Product placement has come to Coronation Street after ITV signed a deal with the Nationwide Building Society to have one of its cash machines in the corner shop.

The machine will appear on screen from next month along with a branded sign outside the shop, which is run in the soap by Dev Alahan.

Nick Price, from MPG Media Contacts, who brokered the deal, said: “This is the first product placement deal for one of ITV’s flagship peak-time shows, and we believe it will be the tipping point for a wave of new product placement deals over the coming year.”

The Government relaxed the rules on product placement this year, allowing it in films, dramas and documentaries, TV series, soaps, entertainment and sport shows.

UK legislation bans tobacco, alcohol, gambling, foods or drinks which are high in fat, salt or sugar, medicines and baby milk being used in product placement.

Watchdog Ofcom has also banned the paid-for placement of products and services which cannot be advertised on TV, such as weapons or escort agencies.

ITV’s commercial content director Gary Knight said: “I am delighted that the first steps into product placement for Britain’s best-loved soap will be with the Nationwide Building Society, who also enjoy such a strong and close relationship with the British public.

“Editorial integrity remains at the heart of what we do as we continue to talk to our clients about a number of product placement opportunities, spanning a range of programmes and channels.”