Jack P Shepherd: I’m lucky to have Corrie role

Coronation Street stalwart Jack P Shepherd has admitted he is ‘really lucky’ to have landed such a long-running role in the soap.

The 25-year-old has been a part of Corrie since he was 11, when he first joined the cast as Weatherfield troublemaker David Platt.

And he said: “I was really lucky being put in the Platts because it was already an established family and I was taking over from somebody else so the character was already there, I just put my own spin on it.”

Jack, who has seen a lot of characters come and go over the years, also sympathised with those actors who have not become part of such a popular family over the years.

“There’s a lot of security with being in an established family, being in a house right in the middle of the street, having a job,” he pointed out. 

“You’re already a few steps up the ladder from people who just come in as, ‘I’m a window cleaner and I live in Cranmere Street and I don’t know anybody. Can I have a job?’

“It’s difficult for those characters and that’s why you see a lot come and go, but I was just really lucky, really lucky. It becomes a really good family unit. The families you can name really are the Platts, the Barlows, the Grimshaws and the Websters.”