Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd chats to Soaplife about a possible future in films and running a theatre school for youngsters…

We hear you’re in a new film by your Corrie co-star Ben Price (Nick Tilsley)…

“A short film, yes. Ben gave me the script and I said, ‘Yes’ because it was brilliant. Ian Puleston-Davies, who played Owen in Corrie, is in it with me. It’s a two-hander. We did it one Sunday and I think it’s really, really good.

What’s it called?

“It’s called ‘Taubman’ and I play a passport control officer. I refuse to give a passport to Ian’s character. The film’s set in the future and is a bit weird. It’s going to all the film festivals and stuff.”

Has being in a film made you want to work outside Corrie?

“It’s made me realise there’s other stuff out there. Who knows what’ll happen as a result? It was really interesting to make – it’s one scene that lasts for 16 minutes. That’s half the length of a Corrie episode, yet we filmed it in five hours. For a film, that’s really quick, but it’s still not as fast as it is on Corrie.”

Ben says you’re one of the best actors on the Street!

“He would say that! Seriously, it’s great he said that. Thanks, Ben!”

You run a kids’ drama group, too, don’t you?

“Yes, on Saturdays. It’s the 13 Performing Arts School in Swinton, Manchester. Harry McDermott, who plays my on-screen stepson, Max, attends. He joined for extra tuition. We go through our Corrie scripts if we have some big scenes coming up. I also give him homework.”

Like what?

“I got him watching the film Kramer vs Kramer the other day, because of the little boy in it, who even looks like Harry. I think it was when we were talking about David and Kylie [Paula Lane] splitting up and I thought it was a perfect film for him to watch for a story of two parents who are getting a divorce and there’s a kid in the middle. It’s Harry’s favourite film now.”

How do you fit in running your theatre school with Corrie?

“I actually go to work for a rest! The school is much harder work than my real job. I’m constantly writing new shows for 
the pupils to take part in.”

Coronation Street, ITV.