Jack P Shepherd’s getting excited: ‘This will be my third Corrie live’

As Callum piles on the pressure in Coronation Street, there’s no place to hide for David and Kylie, Jack P Shepherd and Paula Lane tell Soaplife…

Are David and Kylie’s lives really in danger?
Paula: “It gets really, really bad for all of the Platts and Kylie, and David are at the centre of it all. Callum [Sean Ward] will stop at nothing to get what he wants – Kylie knows that of old. She’s very frightened. So’s David and all the family, actually. The Platts are going to have join forces to try and stop him.”

And it all comes to a head in the live episode on Wednesday, September 23, right?
Jack: “Yeah – and what better way for that to be played out in the live episode. I’m really excited about it. “

Not nervous?
Jack: “Yeah but mainly excited. This will be my third ‘live’. I was only 12 when I did the 40th 15 years ago and I was first on screen. I had to kick a football and, just before we went on air, I was messing about with it and smashed a light. We just had to go with it – there was no time to do anything else.”

How do you feel, Paula?
“The adrenalin rush from doing a live episode is amazing. At the 50th I had a very intense scene with Kate Kelly who played Kylie’s sister, Becky, and I felt like my heart was going to come through my chest! It was the most amazing buzz and now I’m lucky enough to be getting the opportunity to do it again.”

You know, of course, everyone at home will be watching for gaffes!
Jack: “I don’t think it will actually hurt the show if there’s a gaffe. If it’s flawless, it will be like any other episode. You might beat yourself up a bit if you make a mistake but I think it depends on how you get out of it.”

How will you prepare for it?
Paula: “I might go for a run – that relaxes me. I just want to know my lines well enough to say them in my sleep!”
Jack: “I certainly won’t be on the beers the night before!”

Coronation Street, ITV


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