Jane Danson: Motherhood is Leanne’s only skill

Coronation Street actress Jane Danson has said that she thinks being a mother is the only thing her alter ego Leanne Barlow is any good at.

Speaking to the TV Times, she said that her character’s current battle for custody of Simon Barlow – son of her alcoholic ex Peter Barlow – could have a profound effect on her if she loses.

“Peter’s actions threaten to destroy her dream of motherhood, and being a mum is the only thing she’s really good at,” Jane said.

The character is still reeling from the shock of Peter’s affair with Carla Connor and his lying about going to rehab – and is set to seek solace with her previous husband Nick Tilsley.

“She desperately wants a family unit, so she settles for Nick. That’s like a red rag to a bull for Peter, who already hates Nick for having an affair with Leanne,” Jane pointed out.

“Peter’s a loose cannon. he really gives Leanne cause for concern, and something quite devastating happens which means she has to reassess the situation and ask, ‘It this my fault?'”

Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter, is taking a four-month break from the show, which has led to speculation that the character may try and kidnap Simon.

Meanwhile, Jane said that having grown up with Leanne, the character has influenced her as a person during her time on the soap.

“I’ve been through a lot,” she told the Mirror. “I’ve had children and I’ve changed. And so has she.

“So I’m sure there must be a small part of me in there – hopefully the good bits!”

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