Leanne definitely likes Dan and hopes that maybe this time she’ll find a happy ending, says Coronation Street’s Jane Danson!

Is Leanne really thinking of selling the Italian?

“Focused, driven businesswoman Leanne didn’t last long did she? She didn’t realise just how full-on and tiring running her own restaurant would be. All she’s done is work and she just wants to be free again.”

Free to do what? Has she another business idea that she thinks would be a cushier number?

“She has no plans as to what she’ll do once she’s sold the restaurant. She’ll probably live off the money until it runs out. That’s Leanne all over – act now, think later.”

But Leanne doesn’t just have herself to consider. There’s also her chef and business partner Paul. How does he take the news?

“Paul’s shocked when Leanne tells him she wants to sell and warns her he won’t let her sell it from under him. But when he sees how much an interested buyer is offering he soon changes his tune.”

Not that Leanne would let him stop her anyway, says Jane.

“Leanne knows Paul is completely besotted with her and is sure he’ll do anything for her.”

It’s already been revealed that ‘anything’ will turn out to be actually setting fire to the restaurant so she can claim the insurance… And he does it because he believes that Leanne feels the same way about him, but does she?

“She knows he’s mad about her, poor thing, but Leanne doesn’t fancy him at all.”

And all the while she’s leading Paul on she’s getting up close with bookie Dan…

“Dan’s really the first man Leanne’s been attracted to since Liam. Like her, he seems to like a good time, plus he has a bit of an edge. They’re similar people I think.”

Even finding out that she used to be an escort doesn’t put this one off…

“She doesn’t tell him because she’s worried about another Liam situation – ie, Dan finding out some way down the line and dumping her as a result. Leanne doesn’t do rational thinking. She just blurts it out and he’s really not that bothered. Dan’s been around a bit. He likes Leanne – that’s all he cares about not what she‘s done in her past.”

So could Dan possibly be Leanne’s Mr Right at last?

“Oh I don’t know about that. I don’t even know if there is a Mr Right out there for Leanne. All her relationships start off well but end badly. Odds are, with Dan, she’ll jump in with both feet as usual instead of feeling her way. The trouble with Leanne is she never seems to learn from her mistakes. Somehow I don’t think she ever will…”