Jason’s dramatic gesture wins over Becky

If it’s good enough for Richard Gere in An Officer and A Gentlemen, then it’s good enough for Jason in the café, reveal Coronation street stars Katherine Kelly and Ryan Thomas.

The young romantic knows that the 1981 film is Becky‘s favourite, so he slips on the famous white sailor uniform to get down on one knee. But, then Becky’s left with a big headache when Steve proposes as well!

Jason will propose to Becky on Wednesday’s episode of Coronation Street. Did you enjoy getting dressed up for the scene?

Katherine: “Yes, well Ryan looks amazing in that outfit. I’m just thoroughly upstaged by him with all his pearly white teeth and his hat. He’s a handsome boy, isn’t he?”

Ryan: “I brought that uniform in from home, so I hope it suits the occasion well!”

So, is Jason’s or Steve’s the better proposal?

Katherine: “Jason wins hands down. Steve’s very much a proposal in anger and he just sort of chucks a ring at her while they’re having a fag outside. Becky really doesn’t know want to do or which one to pick.”

Ryan: “Jason’s gone all out this time, he really wants it to work out with Becky.”

Are you fans of an An Officer and a Gentlemen?

Katherine: “It’s very tacky! It’s a real 1980s film, isn’t it? I think Richard Gere’s really slimy and smarmy in it. He’s not my type, he looks like he knows he’s hot and I don’t like that!”

Ryan: “I know a lot of ladies who like it, but won’t admit it! It’s a bit naff.”

What’s been the most romantic moment of your life?

Ryan: “In the middle of Mauritius. I’d booked a meal for us [Ryan’s girlfriend is former Corrie star Tina O’Brien] and we watched the stars in the sky, it was quite a romantic night. Big up to all the boys out there, take some tips!”

Katherine: “When me and my fella Oliver were two-out-of work actors in London and it was my birthday, he found a restaurant that was three courses for £10, and it was absolutely delicious.”

Finally, Ryan, how’s being a father [Tina gave birth to their daughter Scarlett in October]?

Ryan: “It’s absolutely fantastic, I love it. I’m chuffed, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Interview by David Hollingsworth

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