Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas warns that Jason and Sarah have no chance of being happy ever after with David around!

The not so happy couple have cut short their Lake District break because Jason’s worried about his new brother-in-law. Now they’re doing nothing but argue and Sarah’s hopes of salvaging a bit of magic by having some belated wedding pictures taken go up in smoke. Literally!

And it’s Jason who gets the blame…

“Jason is supposed to take Sarah’s wedding dress to the dry cleaners but accidentally leaves it in the cafe where David picks it up. Jason hobbles back to look for it but it’s gone. He’s frantic. He doesn’t know David has it and can’t bring himself to tell Sarah because he knows how upset she’ll be. So he lies the dress is at the cleaners.”

This isn’t sounding good…

“No. It turns up on bonfire night on Kayleigh and Finlay’s guy! Poor Sarah watches as it goes up in flames. She’s furious because it’s obvious Jason has lied and been careless with something so precious to her.”

Does David gets away with another cruel stunt?

“The viewers and Sarah know that David is out to ruin the newlyweds’ lives, but Jason doesn’t. Jason feels sorry for David. He thinks he nearly committed suicide so he actually wants to help him. Jason’s trying his hardest to make the marriage work but when Sarah keeps blaming David for it all going wrong Jason just thinks she’s gone a bit crazy.”

And then things go from bad to worse when Audrey gives David his salon job back and Sarah quits.

“Jason’s still hobbling around on crutches after his fall so he can’t work. Money is tight and that’s putting a strain on the relationship. The constant rows are starting to trouble him. Jason really wants to provide for Sarah, but she ends up going back to the salon and doing an evening job waitressing in Leanne’s restaurant and exhausting herself in the process. Things look up when Audrey treats them to a meal out and Jason romantically reads his groom’s speech to Sarah. She’s really touched and the couple go home all loved up… David’s so not happy!”

But with Tina O’Brien set to leave the soap in the New Year it doesn’t look good for the marriage, does it?

“There is no question about Jason’s commitment. He wants to be married to Sarah and plans to stay faithful. I don’t know what Tina’s leaving story is, but if anything is going to screw up their lives together I’m sure it will be down to David. He’ll stop at nothing!”