Jennie: ‘Fiz has no idea John’s trying to confess’

Coronation Street‘s Jennie McAlpine explains to Soaplife how Fiz reacts when John tells her he killed Joy Fishwick…

It’s a wonder Fiz is still standing. Having given birth prematurely to baby Hope after the horrific tram crash, she’s desperate for husband John’s support, but he’s losing the plot. Where will it all end? That’s what we asked Jennie, who revealed her accidental serial killer husband is about to end up in a psychiatric ward. “Fiz finds him cowering on the kitchen floor saying he killed Joy Fishwick and calls the doctor, thinking he’s crumbled under the pressure of baby Hope’s early arrival,” says Jennie.

So what has tipped John over the edge?

“Fiz urging him to help with the enquiries surrounding Joy Fishwick’s death. Fiz knew he was visiting her and thinks it only natural that he should try and do his bit.”

How does Fiz react to his breakdown?

“She feels desperately sorry for him and tells him that she’s going to look after him.”

And that’s when he tries to confess to his crimes…

“Fiz has no idea what he’s on about. He says he killed Joy and she tells him it wasn’t his fault. Fiz has got no idea that John is confessing to murder as it’s all so vague and cryptic.”

What happens when the doctor comes?

“The doctor suggests John go to hospital and he agrees and goes along quietly.”

We’ve heard there’s more drama with Hope, too…

“Fiz is so happy when Hope is taken off the ventilator as she believes it means that she will be OK. But then the doctors tell Fiz that Hope has a hole in her heart. She’s devastated as Hope might need special care for the rest of her life.”

All that – and her husband’s been on a killing spree. How will she feel about that?!

“Fiz is bound to find out, but I think they want this to go on for as long as possible. She’ll be so angry about being so nice to him!”