Coronation Street’s Jennie McAlpine talks about her nine years on the Street and the prospect of Fiz becoming a single mum…

How is it coming back after a few weeks break?
“It’s a bit weird coming back; it’s like when you return to school after the summer holidays and you have to get back into the swing of things.”

And we find out that Fiz is pregnant?
“The timing is not brilliant. Fiz always wanted to get married and have a baby. So far, the wedding hasn’t gone to plan – it did take place in prison – the husband hasn’t gone to plan, and now this!”

And of course hubby John is hiding a few things.
“Indeed. Colin is dead and buried under the factory floor. John thinks that they can have this baby and everything will be all right. But this is Weatherfield…”

But at least you get the chance to shop for some new clothes?
“I’ve not got a fake bump yet; I’ll probably just have Molly’s. But I have been shopping for some baggy clothes, though, with Lance, the head of wardrobe. I’ve got some smocks and a few bits of loungewear, because at the moment, Fiz is going through a phase of snoozing in the afternoon.”

How does it feel to be celebrating 10 years on Corrie in 2011?
“Great! Never mind this 50th anniversary, what about my 10th! I can still remember when I got the part of Fiz. I was so excited because I’m a massive fan of Corrie, and to be a part of it was fabulous.”

Has it made you feel a bit broody?
“No. Getting pregnant is not on the agenda at the moment.”

What do you enjoy most about being in Coronation Street?
“I’ve just presented some awards to people in care. We’re asked to do a lot of charity work and this is something that I love to do. They were 15 and 16 year-olds, and it was for things like best achiever and best attendance in school. They’re the most amazing people.”

What do you think will happen with Fiz and John?
“Fiz knew nothing about John locking up Rosie. This time, she’s been half in on his secret, so I think she’d feel betrayed that he could tell her a bit about it, but didn’t trust her enough to tell her everything. The odds are against them, that’s a definite, but strange things happen, especially in soapland – look at Ken and Deirdre! I’m sure we’ll be using that Weatherfield Prison visitor’s room set soon. I hope they’ve not took it down after Gail’s stint, because we might have to put it up again!”

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