Coronation Street‘s Jennie McAlpine reveals to Soaplife that John fears she’s gone for good… But there’s a good reason she’ll be back

John’s behaving so suspiciously Fiz is convinced he’s having an affair with Charlotte (if only that was the worst of his crimes!) So she escapes to Spain and bans him from joining her. “John begs her to let him come, but she’s had enough,” Jennie reveals. But something brings Fiz back… something big but little!

Why is Fiz convinced John’s cheating on her with Charlotte?
“He’s acting so oddly, disappearing without explanation and coming back late at night. Fiz knows that he’s been seeing Charlotte yet Charlotte’s denied it to her face.”

So Fiz thinks Charlotte is covering up their affair?
“She does and she’s told Charlotte she’ll knock her head off if she finds out she’s lying.”

Does Fiz wonder why Colin Fishwick’s just disappeared?
“Charlotte’s told her he’s ‘gone’ so Fiz isn’t giving him much thought.”

We suspect it would be a different story if Fiz knew Colin was dead and John had buried his body…
“Yes, Fiz would be totally freaked out. She’s forgiven John for abducting Rosie – and committing fraud… But this would be a step too far.”

Why does she go to Spain on her own?
“She’s planned this holiday with John, but she’s sick of his lies and says she’s going alone.”

John thinks she’s left him for good. But we think she hasn’t…
“She doesn’t say she has, but she does say that she’s not sure their relationship is working.”

How long is she away for?
“Not very long because she’s got some surprise news for John…”

We’ve heard she’s pregnant. Might that mean their marriage still has a chance?
“Yes it does.”

And what about Charlotte?
“Obviously Fiz doesn’t want her around and nor does John because she’s the only other person who knows about Colin.”

Can their marriage can survive if Fiz finds out what John did to Colin?
“As long as Colin’s body stays where it is and as long as Charlotte keeps quiet, they could keep their marriage going…”

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