Coronation Street‘s Jennie McAlpine reveals to Soaplife how Fiz’s world comes crashing down when the police lock her up!

So, John’s disappeared and the police arrest Fiz on suspicion of murdering Colin Fishwick!
“Yeah, and Fiz is totally devastated. She doesn’t want to leave Hope.”

What evidence do the police have?
“John and Fiz claimed the money from Joy Fishwick’s will. So the police reckon that they needed Joy dead, and they needed her son and heir dead. And Charlotte got involved and so they needed her dead, too.”

What does Fiz do?
“She tells the police everything. But there’s no proof she’s telling the truth.”

And then she doesn’t get bail…
“She wasn’t expecting that! Beforehand she says to her solicitor, ‘So you’re going to tell them that I need to be at home with my baby’. So when she finds that she doesn’t get bail she’s horrified… she really thought she was going home.”

Her solicitor suggests she apply for Hope to join her in a mother and baby unit, right?
“Yes, but she’s torn, especially when the solicitor explains that she wouldn’t be with her for ever. Hope won’t be able to stay with Fiz in prison if she gets a long sentence.”

She chooses Hayley and Roy to look after Hope…
“They’ve always been there for Fiz; they’re like her parents, so she would trust nobody else more than them. And she thinks it’s the best thing for her baby. At first she sees it as short term, but then she thinks it would be best to cut all ties and there’s quite an emotional scene where she hands over Hope and walks away and doesn’t even look back.”

So she’s thinking she could be jailed for life?
“All the evidence is stacked up against her. And the police can’t find John, and he’s the only one who can back up Fiz’s story.”

Does Fiz think John might turn up and clear her name?
“I don’t think she’s expecting him to turn up and do anything. I think any trust in John has gone.”