Jenny’s got Jack! ‘And how the story unfolds is brilliant,’ says Corrie’s Sally Ann Matthews

After a lot of false starts and the interruption of Maddie’s death, the seriously unhinged Jenny Bradley has done a runner with Kevin’s son, Jack.

“She’s finally made it! She’s off for her new life with Jack,” says Jenny actress Sally Ann Matthews in a recent interview.

“Right from the beginning you thought, ‘There’s something not quite right with her… What’s going on? What’s her secret?’. And now we finally know what her secret is: Jenny has had the tragic loss of a child in her past.”

Is Kevin (Michael Le Vell) going to have a tragic loss, too?

“The most distressing bit about this is that Jenny has been using Jack as a replacement for the son that she lost,” Sally continues. “She’s never dealt with the grief that she’s had and this is how it has manifested itself.

“Her behaviour really does start to unravel quite quickly and we’re going to see her really fall apart.”

And fall off the balcony, with Jack?

“She realises she has gone a bit too far and knows she needs help,” adds Sally. “She’s acting erratically and it scares her. She has to call for help. And who is the person she calls? Rita.”

Rita (Barbara Knox) was Jenny’s surrogate mum years ago and, right now, Jenny needs her to be a mum again…

“Tell me where you are love and I’ll come and get you,” Rita tells the sobbing Jenny.

“But just you. Nobody else,” pleads Jenny.

And that’s where things go dangerously wrong…

“Rita comes to help her – but unfortunately Rita doesn’t come on her own,” Sally continues. “Jenny’s absolutely furious. She feels she’s been betrayed by Rita and there is a big stand-off.

“The story unfolds in a way we don’t expect and it’s going to be brilliant drama.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV, Monday, June 15, 7.30pm.

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