John Michie: Karl will ‘terrorise’ Craig over fire

Coronation Street star John Michie has revealed that his character Karl Munro will ‘terrorise’ Craig Tinker, after he confesses that he believes himself responsible for the Rovers fire.

Viewers have seen the Corrie character effectively getting away with murder after burning down the pub and later offing Sunita (Shobna Gulati) as she lay in hospital.

And John explained that when Craig, played by Colson Smith, makes his confession, he sees it as the perfect opportunity to further absolve him of blame.

“Karl finds out from a jumpy Craig that he thinks he’s responsible for burning downt the Rovers because he was having his first cigarette in the yard and he flung it away,” John explained.

“And in his teenage innocence and guilt he thinks it was because of that that the Rovers burnt down.”

The actor added: “Karl tries to terrorise Craig into believing it was him. And it’s their secret and they should just keep it between them and no one else should ever know.

“He just makes the kid feel really scared about going to prison. It escalates to the point where he even threatens that he could kill him or his mum.”

However John admitted that he was not sure Karl would actually go through with his threats in spite of his actions.

“The thing about Sunita was Karl felt everything was her fault anyway,” he pointed out. “He felt she almost deserved her end. Where as he would find it much, much harder to kill a child like Craig.

“But Karl is very impetuous, and he also has a very quick temper. So in the wrong situation, it’s possible that could happen.”